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Archbishop's Boardroom

The present boardroom was created by combining several rooms on the main facade of Casa Manresa. The space has been used for various purposes, reflecting the diverse functions the building has served throughout its history.

When it housed the Archbishop’s Seminary, the hall functioned as the Seminarians’ Common Room. In 1977, after the building became the Archbishop’s Curia, it served as Mgr Mercieca’s private office throughout his episcopate. It is currently utilized by His Grace the Archbishop as his boardroom and as a reception area for important guests.

The hall features works of art of significant importance, including:

• St Cyprian, bishop of Carthage in 248 AD and martyr saint. The painting, attributed to Mattia Preti, is a late work by the artist, completed in the 1690s. It is part of a broader series of martyr saints attributed to Preti and his workshop.

• The Transfiguration of the Lord, which is part of an extensive series depicting scenes from the Gospel, is displayed in the Main Corridor on the Upper Floor. While parts of the series have been attributed to Francesco Zahra, they may also have Southern Italian origins from the mid-18th century.

• Our Lady of Good Doctrine by Domenico Bruschi. This work was commissioned by Mgr Francesco Spiteri-Agius for the Istituto della Dottrina at Tal-Pilar Church in Valletta.

• Madonna del Pilar – an ephemeral devotional roundel in coral, likely of Sicilian origin.