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History of the Church in Malta

The Church in Malta traces its origin to the shipwreck of the apostle Paul on the island in 59 AD..

Curia Brief History

In 1743, Casa Manresa was founded by Fr Pier Francesco Rosignoli (1690-1775), a Jesuit priest, for use as a retreat house by the clergy and laity.

Chapel of St Calcedonius,

Casa Manresa

An important aspect of the Catholic reform was its emphasis on the cult of the saints, in response to the Protestant Reformation.

Archbishop’s Boardroom

The present boardroom was created by combining several rooms on the main facade of Casa Manresa.


The primary purpose of the Sacristy is to provide a suitable space for the priest’s preparation for mass.

The Crypt

The crypt forms an integral part of the overlying Chapel of Our Lady of Manresa.


The paintings in the Refectory were painted by a Sicilian painter Pasquale Leonetti.