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Thief in the Air-Raid Shelter

It was the 29th June, when Seminary Rectory, Fr Joseph Borg, showed up at the Police Station in Floriana to report that a person had entered his room, situated right beneath the crypt, in the public air raid shelter of San Calcedonio. He reported that the robber had stolen a box containing £64, two gold rings, £12 in gold, one gold watch, four gold chains and a medallion, a pair of golden cufflinks, gold pins, £32 in notes, four silver coins and an envelope containing £5 worth of gold and half a Napoleon, a watch attached to gold chain and two gold pieces, as well as a small box belonging to Paul Vella, who lived with Rev. Borg. He further explained that more jewellery could be found inside the small box. He emphasised that one of the pieces, was in fact a gold ring adorned with diamonds.

Searches were made by the police across the rooms in Casa Manresa, since Rev. Borg indicated that he suspected a soldier, Joseph Zammit, to be the culprit. Further searches were made at Sapper Zammit’s residence and at his fiancée’s residence, however it was all in vain. The police interrogated eleven different suspects; however, the searches did not provide any concrete evidence. Rev. Borg also reported that several bottles of whiskey went missing on the 1st of July.

Although the police investigated the case thoroughly, the thief was never apprehended; however, police reports claimed that a high church dignitary implied that the report may not have been genuine to begin with, and ulterior motives may have triggered this incident.